There’s been much talk of the incomplete Spice Girls reunion next year to celebrate the band’s 21st anniversary. Now, in a new interview, one of the reluctant hold-outs to the reunion, Melanie C, has said that a get-together without her is “not the same”.

The 42 year old singer, whose full name is Melanie Chisholm, told BBC News: “I describe the Spice Girls as a jigsaw puzzle. If there's a piece missing, it's not the full picture, we weren't just a band with interchangeable parts.”

Melanie CMelanie C spoke about the three-strong Spice Girls reunion next year

For most of the last year, speculation has been surrounding a proposed reunion of Geri Horner, Melanie Brown and Emma Bunton to celebrate 21 years of the Spice Girls, with the three of them launching a site called ‘The Spice Girls – GEM’ this summer. Chisholm, as well as Victoria Beckham, are the two members of the band who are reluctant to make it a full complement.

“Obviously I love the girls and totally respect what they want to go on to do, but to me, Spice Girls is a five-piece,” Chisholm explained, recalling the group’s touring in America in the aftermath of Geri’s departure in mid-1998 to illustrate her point.

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“When Geri left and we were on tour, obviously we didn't have a choice, we had to carry on, we had a tour to fulfil in the US,” Chisholm said, “and I don't think that was the same. Unless it's all five, I don't think it is [the same].”

When asked if she would have said yes to a reunion if Victoria had agreed, Chisholm replied: “Yeah, I would definitely consider it.”

Spice GirlsAll the Spice Girls together, back in 2007

In a separate interview with The Sun this week, she admitted that her relationship with Melanie Brown had been difficult in the last few months, with Brown unfollowing her on Twitter and calling her a “b****” on ‘The Late Late Show’ earlier this year when asked by James Corden about the reunion.

Mel C’s seventh solo album, Version of Me, is released later this week (Friday October 21st).

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