Melanie C still buys Christmas gifts for all of the Spice Girls.

The 48-year-old pop star shot to fame alongside Geri Halliwell, 50, Victoria Beckham, 48, Mel B, 47, and Emma Bunton, 46 as part of the groundbreaking 1990s girl group and revealed that although they went through a phase of just buying gifts for their collective brood of 12, they are now back to treating each other during the festive season now their kids are older.

She said: "I gift all of the girls. We all gift each other and we always have. We went through a phase when the children were younger of just doing the kids but now the kids are all growing up, we're kind of just giving to each other again, which is nice."

The 'Never Be the Same Again' hitmaker - who last performed with the 'Wannabe' legends in 2019 and during their heyday managed to equal the Beatles' record of three consecutive Christmas number ones with '2 Become 1', 'Too Much' and 'Goodbye' - is mother to 13-year-old Scarlet with ex-boyfriend Thomas Starr and went on to reveal that her daughter drew up a list of extravagant gifts as a Christmas list.

Speaking on the 'Table Manners' podcast, she told hosts Jessie and Lennie Ware: "She presented me with a PDF. It was like a PowerPoint presentation. If she put this much effort into her homework, she would be flying but no it was a Christmas list. Cosmetics, it's very expensive leisurewear, perfumes, all kinds of things. But I think it's good because she's 13, she knows what she likes so I'd rather take the guesswork out of it."