Melanie C felt so ''buoyant and positive'' on stage with the Spice Girls.

The 46-year-old singer - who was known as Sporty Spice whilst in the band - really enjoyed touring with her bandmates last year, and she feels fortunate that the group have an ''international appeal''.

She said of her time with Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner: ''Working with the girls last year reminded me of this whole world. We were so fortunate to have this international appeal and I'd love to tour all those places again ... Being on stage with the girls made me feel so buoyant and so positive. We didn't really get the whole legacy and the impact until last year ... And then doing Pride all over the world, it was such a joyous year of finding the self-acceptance I'd always been searching for ... I spent many years having so much regret about the personal issues I had with depression and eating disorders and I just thought, do you know what? Rather than being ashamed of that time and seeing it as a failure, I think it's time say, 'I was there and I got myself through it and here I am to tell the tale.'''

Mel is releasing her new album on October 2, and she wants people to ''enjoy'' it and feel ''empowered'' by it.

She shared to BBC Music: ''Obviously, I'm making a pop-dance record and I'm a mature artist, so I have to accept that some radio stations are not going to be playing me anymore. That's something to overcome. But I want people to enjoy this album, I want people to dance to it, I want people to be empowered by it. And when coronavirus has done one, I want to get out there and perform it live.''