Melanie C, KT Tunstall, Nadia Rose, and more are launching the 'Bathroom Sessions' to raise money for WaterAid's Covid-19 emergency response effort.

The Spice Girl, 'Suddenly I See' hitmaker and the London rapper have teamed up to perform in the smallest rooms in their houses to help raise awareness and donations for the global charity, which gives support to the women and girls around the world who spend hours each day walking to collect water for their families.

The event will take place across five 'Bathroom Sessions' streamed from the artists' homes and will be available to watch via Clash Magazine's social platforms and on some of the performers' own social channels.

WaterAid's work couldn't be more urgent during the coronavirus pandemic, as washing hands is the most vital way to reduce the spread of the highly-contagious disease.

'Wannabe' hitmaker Mel will headline the online series on May 7, with a stripped-back rendition of her latest solo single, 'Who I Am', plus older classics on Clash's Facebook Live and her own Facebook page at 9pm BST.

Melanie said: ''I'm really excited to be launching the Bathroom Sessions for WaterAid; it's great to be part of this unique online event that's bringing together some amazing female talent while also raising money to help transform lives.

''Now more than ever we can appreciate the importance of good hygiene, and it's shocking to think millions of people in the world's poorest communities don't have clean water or handwashing facilities at home, putting their lives at risk. Women are facing increased challenges in the current crisis, as they're often responsible for collecting water and caring for family members who are sick. Together, we can help women and their families protect themselves against the spread of disease.''

KT commented: ''I'm really proud to be headlining one of WaterAid's Bathroom Sessions, uniting with a host of awesome female artists to create exclusive online sets packed full of great music for everyone at home to enjoy, while helping make a difference around the world.

''It's unacceptable in 2020 that millions of people have no clean water at home, when it's such a basic human right and so important for our health. The money raised from the event will help WaterAid get clean water, handwashing facilities and good hygiene education to vulnerable communities around the world, as well as helping in the fight against Covid-19.''

And Nadia, who is set to perform at 8pm, added: ''The Bathroom Sessions are a great way for people to come together during the lockdown and enjoy good music while also supporting a worthy cause, and I'm thrilled to be part of it.

''We've all heard how washing your hands with soap is vital to reduce the risk of contracting Coronavirus, but two in five people don't have handwashing facilities at home, and so are particularly vulnerable to the spread of disease. By supporting WaterAid, we can help get clean water and good hygiene to families around the world so they can protect themselves now and in the future.''

This week's two-day event, which continues on May 8, will be followed by a session on May 12 with Maverick Sabre and Reuben James.

And, on May 15, WaterAid and Clash will be hosting an 'Electronic session', headlined by Fabio and Grooverider and will wrap the series on May 18 with a live-stream headlined by Stonebwoy.

For more information about the line-up and WaterAid's work, visit: