Mel C says Victoria Beckham has "broken down a lot of barriers" in The Fashion world.

The singer says she's very proud of how much her former Spice Girls bandmate has achieved with her self-titled fashion label and was impressed with how well the dresses fitted when she wore two for a recent awards ceremony.

She told You magazine: "When I was up for the Olivier Awards, I called Victoria and asked if I could borrow one of her designs. She sent these gorgeous gowns over right away. I wore two that night; one for performing, and one for the ceremony, and they made me feel amazing, really pulled me in in all the right places. Victoria has broken down a lot of barriers to get where she has in fashion, to earn respect, and she works really hard."

Mel also revealed how she is more comfortable with her body now she is a mother to two-year-old daughter Scarlet.

She said: "It used to keep my awake at night if I'd eaten something I shouldn't have. I used to think that if anyone found out I would be mortified. Now I've come to terms with my problems and conquered them, I can talk about it.

"I feel, after Scarlet, that I am completely cured of that. You never know what's around the corner, but I feel I have a very healthy attitude towards food and exercise and beauty and I haven't had Botox or anything. I'm not saying I won't in the future, but having my little girl has made me really quite relaxed about my physical self because she's just mellowed me."