Ex-SPICE GIRL MELANIE BROWN insists she is not one of the four Spice Girls Robbie Williams claims he had sex with.

Williams famously had high profile relationships with bandmates GERI Halliwell and Melanie Chisholm and it was presumed he had romanced Brown too - leaving Victoria Beckham or Emma Bunton in the frame as the fourth mystery lover.

But Scary Spice is adamant she has never slept with Williams, despite recently being invited to stay with him for a month in his Los Angeles pad.

Brown - who is promoting a new album - says, "I like him a lot, but there's nothing sexual between us - never has been.

"He did say to me once though: 'Oh f**k, I've f****d the wrong Spice Girl.' I'm not sure who he was talking about when he said that though."

13/06/2005 17:27