Mel B screamed at Joey Essex to ''f**k off'' after he claimed she hit on him.

The Spice Girls singer was furious with the former 'TOWIE' star after he accused her of ''sticking it on'' him, when she pestered him with questions about his ex-girlfriend Lorena Medina and a reported romance with Rita Ora, during filming of 'Celebrity Juice'.

Mel, 44, said: ''I wanted to ask about that because apparently you're single now because the last time you were on the show and the cameras were turned off you was telling me how much you were into your girl and this, that or the other. But you did keep on asking who on the panel was single.''

Joey, 29, then admitted he was currently single but Mel added: ''But I did see the other day that you were at Rita Ora's house all night.''

However, Joey insisted they are just friends, explaining: ''Nothing really, she a sort. Yeah, she's a sort. Yeah, no we're just friends.''

Mel went on: ''What happened with your lady? Because last time we saw you when you were on this panel, you were very much in love, you'd booked a holiday...''

As Mel questioned Joey on his love life, host Keith Lemon joked: ''Mel you seem really interested to find out if he's single.''

Mel protested that she was simply ''curious'' but Joey quipped: ''Oi, Mel B was sticking it on me, trust!''

However, Mel was furious and fumed: ''F**k off, no I wasn't! F**k off, no!''

And Keith quipped: ''This next game it's called Joey and Mel getting off together, let's play!''