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6th December 2016

Quote: "I'm afraid of the dark! I have so many night lights in my room." Meghan Trainor admits she likes to leave a light on - or seven - when she's falling asleep.

5th December 2016

Quote: "Growing up, I remember I always wanted to be 22. Now I am. I’ve finished a tour and sold out every show; got a Grammy; I have an amazing new boyfriend (actor Daryl Sabara). For some reason, I knew this would be my year." Meghan Trainor is having a great year.

26th October 2016

Quote: "I started writing the song and I met up with Harry and played him a part of it on the guitar and asked, 'Do you like it?' And he said, 'Oh, I love it!'" Meghan Trainor admits she was nervous when she first played Harry Styles the melody to the song they wrote that Michael Buble recent picked up for his new album Nobody But Me.

15th July 2016

Quote: "I always say, 'I s**t hits'. Because they come out so quick I can't even keep up with myself." Singer Meghan Trainor boasts about her songwriting prowess after penning hits for herself and pop pals including Jennifer Lopez and Fifth Harmony.

16th May 2016

Quote: "I've never done a photo shoot with my arms out. I feel pale, I'm insecure about them... Everyone in the room was like, 'She took her jacket off!'" Meghan Trainor on her daring new Seventeen magazine cover.

13th May 2016

Quote: "I always have looked up to Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars knows this. Every interview I have, I say Bruno Mars! And my mum is always like, 'You're like the girl Bruno Mars!'. We love him and we're such big fans of his songwriting, his performances as well, and him as an artist. I wanna be as cool as Bruno Mars!" Singer/songwriter Meghan Trainor is always trying to emulate her favourite pop idol.

6th April 2016

Fact: Pop star Meghan Trainor has revealed she's the brains behind Jennifer Lopez's new song. J.Lo teased her new track, Ain't Your Momma, on Monday (04Apr16) and now the 22-year-old All About That Bass singer has confirmed reports suggesting she wrote it. Meghan posted a clip of Jennifer lip-syncing to the song on Instagram and added the caption: "When dreams come true."

2nd April 2016

Quote: "The first real song I wrote was called Give Me A Chance, and it was because I was deeply in love with my older brother's best friend. He knows it's about him. Whassup, Matt?" Meghan Trainor's first song was all about a dream lover.

7th January 2016

Quote: "DeAndre is a great friend of mine. He's awesome." Pop star Meghan Trainor plays down rumours suggesting she is dating Los Angeles Clippers basketball star DeAndre Jordan.

3rd December 2015

Fact: Pop star Meghan Trainor was reduced to tears on Wednesday (02Dec15) after her brother Ryan surprised her by decorating their Los Angeles home with a festive lights. The singer shared video footage of the emotional moment on, and captioned it, "I have the best big brother in the world. @ryan.trainor surprised me with crazy Christmas decorations because he knows I'm obsessed with Christmas and lights".

23rd November 2015

Fact: Pop stars Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth brought the heat to the 2015 American Music Awards on Sunday night (22Nov15) by sharing an unexpected kiss at the end of their performance of sexy duet Marvin Gaye. The long smooch mirrors the music video for their hit song, but at the end of the promo, the clip ends just before the singers' lips touch.

22nd October 2015

Fact: Meghan Trainor's cousins Corinna and Alina and her aunt Lisa and uncle Burton appear in the pop star's new music video for her The Peanuts Movie theme Better When I'm Dancing. She says, "I flew them out from Nantucket (Massachusetts)".

22nd October 2015

Quote: "I'm feeling great, much better. There's days where I'm scared... when I wake up really raspy." Meghan Trainor on her recovery from vocal chord surgery, which forced her to scrap her summer (15) tour dates, seven weeks ago.

15th October 2015

Fact: Singers John Legend and Meghan Trainor, actor Josh Gad and Scandal star Bellamy Young "auditioned" for comedienne Ellen DeGeneres on her U.S. chat show on Wednesday (14Oct15), as she sat in a spinning red chair just like the one judges on TV talent show The Voice use. Each star sang a tune as the host attempted to guess who was behind her. Meghan disguised her voice while singing T-Pain's Buy U Drank while Legend covered Taylor Swift's Shake It Off.

29th July 2015

Fact: Pop star Meghan Trainor has been transformed into an animated Peanuts character to celebrate her Better When I'm Dancin' contribution to the upcoming THE PEANUTS MOVIE soundtrack. Sharing the image of her cartoon character on, she writes, "SO excited to be on the @peanutsmovie soundtrack! @snoopygrams even imagined a #Peanutized me!"

24th July 2015

Quote: "One of my brothers is deathly allergic to cats so they're in my room, but my room's big... But one of them (brothers) complains all the time, 'I can't breathe, I can't breathe, get rid of them (cats)', and I'm like, 'I didn't know I was gonna live with my brothers forever. I didn't know I'd be providing you with a roof. You're welcome!'. So those conversations happen like, every day!" Singer Meghan Trainor constantly faces a battle with her brother over her two furry friends after inviting her siblings to live in her rented mansion.

24th July 2015

Quote: "They see my plaques everywhere. Usually they're drunk so it's like, 'Oh my God, I love you...'" Pop star Meghan Trainor is left bemused whenever her brother Ryan brings his female conquests home for the night. The singer lives in a rented mansion with her two siblings.

14th May 2015

Fact: Beyonce, Meghan Trainor and SHARON OSBOURNE were among the stars who turned out to fete U.S. politician Hillary Clinton ahead of her bid for the White House at a fundraiser thrown by music mogul ANTONIO 'L.A.' REID in New York City on Wednesday (13May15).

8th April 2015

Quote: "You know how everyone's got one big, one small? Like, how no one's are completely even? Sometimes when I'm getting ready for a shoot or a video, I'm like, 'Come on, fix yourself!'" Pop star Meghan Trainor on her asymmetrical breasts.

22nd January 2015

Fact: Lionel Richie, Ellie Goulding, Nick Jonas, and Meghan Trainor have been tapped to be celebrity mentors on the upcoming eighth season of U.S. Tv talent show The Voice. They will help judges Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton lead aspiring singers to victory.

15th January 2015

Quote: "She came up to me and held my hands and said, 'I love your music, my daughter and I listen to your songs every day and dance to them.' I freaked out! I was pretty much complete with my life. I was like, 'Oh! That's it, Beyonce likes my songs. I'm done.'" Pop star Meghan Trainor was shocked to learn Beyonce is a fan of her music when the singers met for the first time last month (Dec14).

14th January 2015

Tweet: "Label was annoying me to pick one (sic) a title so I threw that back at them Lol (laugh out loud)." Pop star Meghan Trainor admits she called her new album Title after pressure from record label bosses to pick a name.

9th December 2014

Quote: "I haven’t gotten to meet Taylor Swift yet. I’m a huge fan... I saw her at the Amas (American Music Awards) but I was too scared to say hi. She looked really busy!" Meghan Trainor can't wait to meet Taylor Swift.

5th December 2014

Quote: "I was so excited! My co-writer called me at 5am in L.A. and I just started crying." Meghan Trainor broke down in tears after learning her debut single All About That Bass had been nominated for Record of the Year at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

24th November 2014

Fact: Meghan Trainor was the youngest solo artist to be nominated at the 2014 American Music Awards. The 20 year old was up for New Artist of the Year, but lost out on the prize to Australian boyband 5 Seconds of Summer.

21st November 2014

Quote: "I am single. I can't find a boy who wants to date me... My dad was like, 'Well, they are probably too intimidated'. And I talked to another artist and she was like, 'I didn't get hit on for two years'." Singer Meghan Trainor is struggling to find a boyfriend to share her success with.

3rd November 2014

Fact: Meghan Trainor, Idina Menzel, Sting, Nick Jonas, Kiss and Renee Fleming will all be taking part in the Thanksgiving Day Parade at U.S. retail giant MACy's in New York on 27 November (14).

5th September 2014

Fact: Singer Meghan Trainor teamed up with U.S. Tv presenter Jimmy Fallon and his house band The Roots for a special acoustic rendition of her song All About That Bass, with the hip-hop group using school instruments for the performance. The creative collaboration featured on Thursday's (04Sep14) episode of LATE NIGHT WITH Jimmy Fallon.

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