Meghan Trainor says having two toilets in one bathroom is “the best thing ever”.

The ‘All About That Bass’ hitmaker recently revealed she swapped out a bidet for an additional toilet - on a whim - and she has admitted it was the best decision she's ever made, as it solved the problem of her and her 'Spy Kids' actor spouse Daryl Sabara having to use the bathroom “at the same time” when they got up to attend to their nine-month-old son Riley.

The 27-year-old singer told Courtney Lopez, who was filling in for her husband on his podcast ‘On with Mario Lopez’, that: "In our master bathroom, there was only one toilet, and my husband and I get up all night long with the baby.

“And we always have to pee at the same time."

When she requested the twin toilets, the 'Voice' coach's plumber laughed at her.

She added: “I asked my plumber because we did a lot of construction. I said, ‘Hey, I have an extra toilet that you pop it where that bidet is, and put a toilet there and he laughed and I was like, ‘I'm not sure why you're laughing.'

“And then he did it for me. And it was the best thing ever. Because now if we have to pee at the same time, like it's all good, and I don't regret it at all, and I didn't know it would be such a big viral thing but I didn't want to get people talking."

Meghan clearly loves everything in twos as she recently revealed she would love to have twins.

The star spilled that she is "gonna try" to have more kids as soon as possible.

During an appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' in October, Meghan was asked by the host: "Why would you want twins next?"

To which, she replied: “2-in-1, it sounds like a deal to me. 3-in-1…yeah, I just want so many.

"I don’t want to be pregnant five times, I don’t know.

“I love being a mom.”

And she hinted she might be extending her family soon.

She added: “We’re a little late this month, so who knows?

We’re gonna try!”