WILL + GRACE star Megan Mullally's kissing scenes with Alec Baldwin on the hit sitcom were ruined - because her husbands were standing watching the two onscreen lovers.

The actress was looking forward to her rare moment of TV passion until her husband and ex-husband showed up on set.

She complains, "I'm a character actress so I don't really have a lot of kissing scenes normally, but I had to really kiss him for an extended period.

"My husband who is very sweet - he comes to almost every taping - is there and that's a little uncomfortable, but then, and I swear this is true, my ex-husband is Alec Baldwin's agent, so he's also there.

"They're both standing there, going, 'Looking good.' It's not fair. The one time I get to kiss somebody and I've got two husbands out there."