WILL + GRACE star Megan Mullally is so desperate to have a child at 45, she recently convinced herself she'd had a miscarriage.

The funnywoman was never interested in becoming a mum until she wed TV carpenter Nick Offerman last September (03) - and then she found herself longing for motherhood.

She even found herself getting a little too desperate.

Mullally explains, "I not only had myself convinced that I was pregnant but I also had myself convinced that I was having a miscarriage.

"I wasn't any of those things. I thought, 'That's silly, I can't do that to myself.'"

Mullally now admits she's considering adoption.

She adds, "We're trying but I'm like 100. We might adopt. Everybody that I know who has adopted has had such a great experience and I feel like that's sort of a good sign."

08/03/2004 10:06