Megan Fox's lips show a sign of "sexual vitality".

The stunning actress is famed for her full and sexy pout, which has won her many male admirers all over the world and now Softlips lipreader Simon Brown knows why.

He said: "Megan has a deep philtrum and a pronounced curve to her upper lip and this is a. If Megan leaves her mouth slightly open in non smiling pictures, the inside of her mouth is revealed, creating a more sensual image."

While Megan's lips show off her "sexual vitality", Beyonce Knowles pout highlights her intimate side.

Simon added: "Beyonce has very curvy lips suggesting she is a fun loving person who enjoys intimacy and having someone to be close to. These kind of lips are highly attractive and send out a strong sensual message."

Simon also gave his opinion on singer Taylor Swift's lips, saying: "Taylor has a very strong curve to her upper lip with a pronounced philtrum indicating considerable drive combined with a feminine vitality. The upturned ends to her lips suggest she would be ambitious and like to be active and making progress in life."