The greatest surprise that celebrity watchers will feel for the split of actor Meg Ryan and singer-songwriter John Mellencamp, was the fact that these two screen veterans were even dating in the first place. Such was the pair’s coyness and clandestine approach to the relationship that their coupling largely flew under the radar. The liaison itself lasted all of three years and marks another in a long list of failed relationships for the now 52 year-old Ryan.

Meg Ryan And John Mellencamp
Ryan and Mellencamp's relationship remained largely hidden from the glare of the media

Ryan and Mellencamp came together some time in 2010, after Mellencamp ended an 18 year marriage with Elaine Irwin, a former model who was once the face of Ralph Lauren. Splitting their time between an east coast dwelling and Mellencamp’s longtime home of Indiana, it has been cited that it was the sheer distance between the pair that led to the split. Ryan, once a prolific actress, has not appeared in a motion picture since 2009’s Serious Moonlight but is currently producing a film entitled Ithaca. Meanwhile, Mellencamp has been busy on a new album, Plain Spoken, which is due for release shortly. But why can’t Ryan keep hold of a man?

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After shooting to international recognition with the leading role in the era-defining When Harry Met Sally, one of the biggest movie hits of the late eighties. Paired opposite the comedic actor Billy Crystal, the film became well known for a particular scene in which Ryan demonstrates how easy it is for her to fake an orgasm. Ryan wed actor Dennis Quaid on the day of love- Valentines Day of 1991. Before the marriage, Ryan offered Quaid an ultimatum: kick the cocaine or there’s no marriage. Quaid promptly kicked the drug and soon after the wedding Ryan gave birth to their only child, Jack Quaid, on April 24th 1992. After a few years of happy marriage, Ryan became involved with New Zealand actor Russell Crowe on the set of the film Proof Of Life. Divorce followed shortly after, becoming final in July 2001. In interviews following the divorce, Ryan revealed that Quaid had been unfaithful to her on multiple occasions.

Meg Ryan in 2014
Meg now enjoys a quieter life, eschewing Hollywood for New York and making movies sporadically

Between the divorce from Quaid and her secretive relationship with Mellencamp, Ryan maintained a low profile on the dating circuit but was rumoured to be involved Friends star Mathew Perry and British film producer Graham King. Meanwhile, Ryan’s film career began to wane and she became thoroughly less prolific than in her halcyon days as a fresh-faced actress. On her gradual removal from acting work Ryan stated: “I've been famous since I was a teenager. There are a lot of empty spaces in that. I just feel like I've been filling in the cracks a little bit. I feel very fortunate, very free.” Despite her age, Ryan seems in no hurry to accept the conventional approach and settle down and for that she must be commended. Meg Ryan- doing things her way, and not how society expects her to.

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