The hip-hop star was shooting a promo with his crew when rap rival Louis V showed up with his group and became engaged in a confrontation.

Members of the opposing parties began pushing and shoving as tempers flared and video footage of the incident, obtained by editors at, shows one of Louis V's entourage being pistol-whipped, prompting everyone to scatter.

No shots were fired, but police were called to the scene to investigate.

No arrests were made, but after news of the drama began spreading online, Louis V took to his page to insist he was not the one who got hit.

In a video he posted online, he said, "Stop spreading rumours. Ain't nothing happen. We was down there talking. Some other s**t happened. Stop spreading rumours (sic)."

Mill has yet to comment on the video disruption, but he and Louie V previously fell out over a chain-snatching incident at last year's (14) Hot 97 Summer Jam concert in New Jersey.