Meek Mill has at last responded to Drake in the escalating, and increasingly entertaining, war of words that’s broken out between them over the last 10 days. The Philadelphia-born rapper fired back at Drizzy’s two diss tracks by releasing one of his own on Thursday night (July 30th).

The track, called ‘Wanna Know’, got its first airing on New York’s Hot 97 radio station last night. It sees Mill repeat the claim that the Canadian star uses ghostwriters to pen his lyrics. One of the barbs goes “n***** writing for you cause you know you never did s***,” and Mill’s flow seems to imitate that of Drake’s own ‘Started From The Bottom’.

DrakeDrake laughed off Meek Mill's reply 'Wanna Know'

The cover art for the tune also references the original insult, which photoshops Drake’s face on top of the notorious lip-syncers Milli Vanilli and contains a drawing of a ghost behind them.

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This comes after two well-received tracks put together by Drake over the last few days, called ‘Charged Up’ and ‘Back To Back Freestyle’, both aimed at Meek Mill and dismissing his claims that he doesn’t write his own rhymes. Drake quite literally laughed off the diss, posting a picture on Instagram soon afterwards.

This has all been quite strange, since Drake is one of the guest stars on Mill’s recent second album Dreams Worth More Than Money. Mill himself was booed during a performance earlier this week in Drake’s hometown of Toronto – something that Drizzy himself referred to in ‘Back To Back Freestyle’ which emerged two days ago.

A city councilman for Toronto, Norm Kelly, who had amusingly told Mill via Twitter last week that he was “no longer welcome” in the city, also chipped in with “this is the reason people hire ghostwriters #WeDidntWannaKnow”.

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