Mill clashed with his girlfriend Nicki Minaj's Young Money Entertainment label mate in July (15) after accusing Drake of using ghostwriters to pen his rhymes, and the attack sparked a war of words between the rap stars.

The Started From the Bottom hitmaker is widely considered by fans to have emerged victorious in the feud after launching two diss tracks taking aim at Mill, and it appears the Philadelphia native is still sore over the fall out after blasting a crowd member for waving a Drake poster during his appearance at the Fool's Gold Day Off festival on America's Labor Day holiday.

Video footage of the incident has since surfaced online and appears to show Mill singling out the Drake fan and launching into a foul-mouthed tirade.

In the clip, Mill tells the concert-goer, "Put that Drake sign up again, n**ga. The f**k you talking about you f**king clown! Don't ever come in here disrespecting Meek Mill... trying to pick on me like I'm a f**king dweeb or something."

The sign was apparently designed to antagonise Mill as Drake was not on the festival bill. Producer and Fool's Gold Records co-founder A-Trak, and rappers Skepta and Post Malone also performed at the event.