The Ima Boss hitmaker, real name Robert Williams, embarked on a lengthy rant aimed at the Best I Ever Had rapper on, accusing the star of not penning the lyrics for his songs.

Drake, who reportedly dated Mill's fiancee, Nicki Minaj, appears on R.I.C.O., a track on Mill's recent album Dreams Worth More Than Money, and the rapper is adamant Drake failed to promote the record on social media because it emerged that he did not personally write his verse.

In a series of posts on, Mill writes, "Stop comparing Drake to me... He don't write his own raps! That's why he ain't (sic) tweet my album because we found out (sic)!... Don't compare me to none of the cats that don't write they own raps either (sic)... LOL laugh out loud)... Dude is all the way outta (sic) of it... He ain't even write that verse on my album (sic) and if I woulda (sic) knew I woulda took (sic) it off my album...I don't trick my fans!..."