Another nasty slap in the face has come about for many as Meat Loaf has unexpectedly come out as a Mitt Romney supporter in a recent campaign rally leading up to election day; yep, none other than one of the biggest voices (literally) of rock.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise coming from the writer of 'Paradise By The Dashboard Light' which unambiguously describes the contempt one man has for his wife but whose traditional values prevent him from breaking apart from her. Woman hating and conservative. yep, it's got Romney written all over it. The 65-year-old rocker broke the news at a rally in Defiance, Ohio and, according to, opened his support speech by insisting that he's never been into politics before now but decided to vote this year because 'in 2012, this is the most important election in the history of the United States'. 'There are storm clouds coming over the United States, there are thunderstorms over Europe, there are hailstorms, and I mean major hailstorms, in the Middle East', he went on in a rather hyperbolic manner. 'I want you to know that there is one man who will stand tall in this country and fight the storm and bring the United States back to what it should be: Governor Mitt Romney.'

If that wasn't bad enough, he later broke out into a rendition of 'If It Ain't Broke Break It', the lyrics of which certainly do not inspire much confidence amongst voters who would rather the country remain not 'broke.'