A number of stars have suffered the same problem in recent months, with British pop star Sam Smith and All About That Bass hitmaker Meghan Trainor both cancelling a slew of tour dates in the summer (15) to undergo surgery to fix the issue.

Meat Loaf has now opened up about his own vocal cord haemorrhage, which occurred while he was on tour Down Under in 2011, and revealed his throat filled with blood every night after he refused to cancel his shows.

He tells Billboard.com, "I've had three vocal surgeries now, and three sinus surgeries. Adele cancelled a tour with a haemorrhaging vocal cord, I did a tour in Australia with a haemorrhaging vocal cord. I was spitting blood every night on stage. And I've got nothing but grief and major hostility... I had flown 44 people to Australia, we're all sitting there. Insurance wouldn't cover the band and everybody going back, so I just said, 'OK, let's go.' In New Zealand at the last show, I was warming up, and it was like you're slicing a vegetable and you cut your finger really bad and it's bleeding everywhere, that's how blood was coming out of my throat. It was just running out of my throat."

British singer Adele underwent throat surgery in 2011 after developing a polyp on her vocal cords.