Veteran singer Meat Loaf has blamed his stage blackouts on past concussion injuries, revealing he has secretly suffered with the problem for years.

The Bat Out of Hell hitmaker sparked fears for his health in July, 2011 after collapsing onstage, and he subsequently blamed the health drama on his asthma.

However, he passed out backstage at a show just days later, and the star has now confessed he suffers with "equilibrium" issues, revealing on Britain's The One Show, "I've had 18 concussions and for the last three or four years they've been flaring up."

He adds, "After 18 concussions I knew something had to come around, sometime. My equilibrium is off. The last few years I kind of get on stage, I will wobble a bit and stumble, and you see them (the audience) right out there (saying), 'He was drunk up there!'. No mam, I wasn't. They just assume because they've heard (of) so many rock stars are drunk onstage so I was (sic)."