Meat Loaf commenced his final tour of the UK on Friday (April 5th 2013) during his Last At Bat tour after announcing his retirement.

The 'Bat Out of Hell' star, whose real name is Michael Lee Aday (formerly Marvin), has been suffering health problems for a number of years which may have been a key factor in his retirement plans. After all, 2012 saw him undergo the first of two knee operations which not only affected his gait, but also restricted his general on-stage movement. His vocal cords after also seen some strain over the years with the star having to cancel a tour in 2007 to recover from a cyst that developed on them. He told the Guardian, 'I've had 18 concussions. My balance is off. I've had a knee replacement. I've got to have the other one replaced. It's just the travel. It takes it out of you. I want to concentrate more on acting. That's where I started and that's where I'll finish. This time, they're not going to rope me back in.'

The tour concerts are split into two halves with the first half being dedicated to his biggest hits such as 'I'd Do Anything For Love' and the second half being dedicated to his 'Bat Out of Hell' record. 'It's the greatest love song ever written', he told the crowd during a Glasgow show according to the Telegraph.