After he triumphed at last night’s prestigious Q Awards, the legendary rocker Meat Loaf gave an update as to his health a few months after he collapsed onstage during a concert in Canada.

The 69 year old icon, whose real name is Marvin Lee Aday, was performing a concert in Edmonton, Alberta on June 16th this year when the scary incident happened. Speaking to the Press Association as he arrived at last night’s Q Awards, he gave an update as to his current medical condition, revealing that he had recently undergone some serious surgery on his back.

Meat LoafMeat Loaf performing live in 2013

“I’m just ready to sit down because four weeks ago I had spinal fusion,” he said at the red carpet ceremony on Wednesday evening (November 2nd). “There was a cyst which was pinching nerves so I had emergency back surgery.”

He had previously revealed that he had been put on a new fitness and dietary regime in the aftermath of the incident this summer. The singer also suffered onstage collapses in London back in 2003, and more recently in Pittsburgh in 2011.

During the ceremony itself, Meat Loaf was given the Hero Award for his long-standing contribution to music, most notably his legendary 1977 album Bat Out of Hell.

“You brought tears to my eyes – thank you very much,” he said, giving an emotional speech as he accepted his trophy.

“A hero, let’s think about that word for second. I know we all have heroes but a hero is somebody who does something good for everybody every day. Whether it’s to open a door for somebody, whether it’s saying thank you or you’re welcome, to help the less fortunate, to do whatever you can to bring love back into this world. Because we need it folks, we need it.”

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