Meat Loaf has confirmed he is retiring from touring for good.

The opera-rock singer has stated the Last at Bat world tour will be his last ever as he feels too old and unhealthy to keep on touring and he doesn't have the stamina of other musicians his age, such as The Rolling Stones.

He told Reuters TV: ''This is really it ... I just don't want to travel anymore.

''I outweigh (Mick) Jagger by about 100 pounds and that counts for something. He hasn't seen the wear and tear.''

Meat Loaf, 65, was forced to cancel his European tour in 2007 after developing a cyst on his vocal cords and caused further concern in 2011 when he collapsed on stage, blaming asthma. He is currently recovering from a knee replacement operation and is due to have surgery on the other knee shortly.

Discussing his health problems, he added: ''When your name is on the marque, you either get the glory or you get the hits.

''Over the years, a lot of stones and a lot of arrows have been flying my way. You expect that.''

The iconic star - who didn't rule out performing one-off live shows again - is emotional after 35 years spent on the road and admitted he was likely to sob while belting out 'Crying Out Loud' because the track always makes him cry.

He said: ''Even in rehearsal when I go to sing it I start crying so it's not like when you see me in the show and I am crying it's like, 'Oh I bet he ... '

''I would do it in rehearsal, I can't help myself.''