Meat Loaf is suing his longtime songwriting partner Jim Steinman and manager DAVID SONENBERG for more than $50 million (GBP27.8 million). The larger-than-life rocker claims Steinman wrongfully registered the phrase 'Bat Out Of Hell' as his trademark a decade ago after he wrote the title song and other compositions on Meat Loaf's 1977 album BAT OUT OF HELL and 1993's BAT OUT OF HELL II: BACK INTO HELL. Meat Loaf claims he contributed lyrics to the song, which he recorded and performed, but has never benefited from the phrase. Steinman applied for a federal trademark registration in 1995 but recently objected to Meat Loaf using the phrase following a falling out. The battle could stall Meat Loaf's new album BAT OUT OF HELL III: THE MONSTER IS LOOSE. Meat Loaf's suit asks the court in Los Angeles to declare who owns the trademark rights, and insists that officials slap an injunction on Steinman, stopping further use of the mark by the writer/producer.