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1st September 2015

Fact: Luxury U.S. confectionery store Dylan's Candy Bar is launching a special collection of treats inspired by Lindsay Lohan's film Mean Girls.

5th November 2014

Quote: "Cady's with Oprah in Africa working at children's schools with a family, teaching girls to be nice to each other." Lindsay Lohan imagines what has become of her Mean Girls character Cady Heron as part of a reunion piece for Entertainment Weekly.

22nd October 2014

Fact: Mean Girls actor Jonathan Bennett has been booted from U.S. reality show Dancing With The Stars. He became the fifth contestant to exit the latest series after failing to impress with his jazz number with professional dance partner Allison Holker during Monday night's (20Oct14) show. Comedian Tommy Chong and actors Alfonso Ribeiro, Lea Thompson and Antonio Sabato, Jr. are still in the running for the mirrorball trophy.

16th September 2014

Quote: "I haven't talked to her in years. Maybe now she'll probably want to come and cheer me on." Actor Jonathan Bennett jokes about his Mean Girls co-star Lindsay Lohan paying him a visit as he competes on U.S. Tv show Dancing With the Stars.

3rd June 2014

Quote: "It was perfect chaos. I was in the middle of shooting a movie, and we planned the entire thing in about six weeks. The caterer quit two days before, my sisters' dresses didn't arrive and one of my shoes broke - crazy stuff like that. It was just nuts, but it was perfect at the same time." Mean Girls actress Lacey Chabert faced a last-minute nightmare as she prepared for her wedding to her longtime boyfriend, David Nehdar, in December (13).

7th March 2013

Quote: "It's actually becoming a thing! We're taking meetings with people; I've profiled Broadway folks, who are talking to us about it. It's a long process - a year, two years, however long it might take. We watch (Tv show) Smash, so we know how it works!" Tina Fey's composer husband Jeff Richmond is making progress bringing the comedienne's hit movie Mean Girls to the Broadway stage.

8th January 2012

Fact: Lindsay Lohan has added to her body art collection - the Mean Girls star has had the words 'Live without regrets' inked on her left wrist. Lohan also has a Marilyn Monroe quote, a heart and Billy Joel lyrics, among other designs, tattooed on her body.

14th May 2010

Quote: "I've had songs written about me, which is pretty amazing. It doesn't even matter if it's good; if a guy says, 'I wrote a song for you' and then sings it, your heart is going to melt." Mean Girls star Amanda Seyfried has inspired lovestruck men to write music.

11th January 2010

Fact: 90210 star Shenae Grimes is roommates with Mean Girls actor Daniel Franzese.

12th November 2009

Quote: "The tapes are edited - there's no voice or feedback from him on the other side of the tape, like he's just sitting and listening. Michael Lohan talks!" Lindsay Lohan's mother DINA insists her ex-husband altered the Mean Girls star's secret phone chats he leaked to the media.

31st August 2009

Fact: Lindsay Lohan has again paid tribute to her Hollywood idol Marilyn Monroe with a new tattoo. The Mean Girls actress has had the Monroe quote, "I restore myself when I'm alone" inked onto her right forearm. Lohan also has another famous line from Monroe tattooed onto her wrist.

24th August 2009

Quote: "I was at a shoot where there were all these young celebrities - well, like me. At the end, they were all yelling to each other, 'Let's keep in touch!' They think they're going to be friends, and they don't even know you yet.'" Mean Girls actress AMANDA SEYFRIEDis annoyed by superficial Hollywood stars.

4th May 2009

Fact: Lindsay Lohan was left red-faced outside a club in Montreal, Canada at the weekend (02-03May09) after tripping up on the red carpet as she headed to her waiting car. The Mean Girls actress immediately jumped back on her feet after the fall and dashed to the vehicle to escape the paparazzi.

12th February 2008

Fact: Actress-turned-singer Lindsay Lohan will be working with R+B hitmaker NE-YO on her new album - the follow-up to her 2005 sophomore release A LITTLE MORE PERSONAL. The Mean Girls star is also rumoured to be working with rapper 50 Cent for her latest music project.

18th October 2007

Quote: "She really deserves to be happy. I've been praying for her." Actress Lacey Chabert on her Mean Girls co-star LINDSAY LOHAN.

19th December 2006

Quote: "He was the first person who ever made me completely speechless. I had a huge crush on him when I was 14." Mean Girls star Lacey Chabert confesses her teenage crush on Leonardo Dicaprio.

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