A movie detailing the story of iconic British rock label CREATION RECORDS needs subtitles for U.S. audiences - because American viewers struggle to understand the characters' strong regional accents.
Upside Down: The Creation Records Story documents the history of the cult company, which propelled bands including Oasis, Primal Scream, and The Jesus and Mary Chain to fame.
It is due for release later this year (11), but producers are faced with the prospect of using onscreen subtitles amid fears the Scottish and northern England accents of stars including company boss Alan MCGee and Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher will baffle overseas audiences.
MCGee tells Mojo magazine, "I thought it would end up being some kind of bizarre indie release but it's shaping up to do really well. It was brilliant because they had to give it subtitles at an American film festival! I think it's because of all these Scottish and Mancs (Manchester accents) - nobody can understand what anyone says."