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14th March 2014

Tweet: "For those asking, our son's name is Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher... and yes I'm being completely serious, my son is called Buzz." McFly star Tom Fletcher reveals the name of his newborn son.

12th July 2013

Fact: British bands McFly and The Feeling, and comedian Eddie Izzard will be among the performers at a special gig on 19 July (13) celebrating the first anniversary of the 2012 London Olympic Games. The stars will all headline a show at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in the British capital a year on from the games, which kicked off last July (12).

7th May 2013

Tweet: "Thanks Leicester, sorry my voice went! You had my back though." McFly star Tom Fletcher relied on fans to sing for him during his band's concert in Leicester, England, on Monday night (06May13) as he battled a sore throat.

16th April 2013

Tweet: "Sad day for marathon runners. Thoughts go out to our friends and running brothers... Boston Marathon." McFly star Harry Judd pays tribute to the victims of the blasts in Boston, Massachusetts as he prepares to run the London Marathon on Sunday (21Apr13).

6th February 2013

Fact: McFly star Harry Judd is presenting a special Valentine's Day (14Feb13) show on British radio station Magic 105.4 to count down a chart of the World's Greatest Love Songs and crown the U.K.'s favourite romantic ballad.

24th January 2013

Fact: McFly star Tom Fletcher has been reunited with his wedding ring after losing it at Britain's National Television Awards on Wednesday (23Jan13). The singer found the ring at home after the event.

27th November 2012

Quote: "The most embarrassing bit was when Dougie started talking about my parents' private parts in his speech, because that's where I came from." British pop star Tom Fletcher was left mortified by his McFly bandmate Dougie Poynter's best man speech at his wedding to Giovanna Falcone in May (12).

28th May 2012

Tweet: "Got recognised by someone from Jamaica. Didn't know we had many fans there. I then realised he thought I was Tom Felton." McFly star Tom Fletcher found himself mistaken for the Harry Potter actor while on vacation.

19th May 2012

Tweet: "I know I said I wouldn't tweet much on honeymoon but making an exception to say happy 1 week wedding anniversary to my wife MrsGiFletcher." McFly rocker Tom Fletcher wishes his new wife Giovanna happy anniversary a week after their wedding.

18th May 2012

Tweet: "Huge congratulations to you and your lovely other half! So happy for you both and glad the sun was shining on such a special day." Harry Potter star Tom Felton congratulates McFly singer Tom Fletcher on his wedding to longtime girlfriend Giovanna Falcone last weekend (12May12).

4th April 2012

Quote: "Me and the lads won't be in suits, we'll just be in smart casual gear like we always wear." McFly star Tom Fletcher is shunning formal attire when he marries his childhood sweetheart later this year (12).

22nd January 2012

Quote: "We've been approached to do a book but we need to wait until after we are all married because after the girlfriends read it there certainly won't be any weddings. We need to seal the deal first and then just hope that they don't divorce us. If we were to do it we'd want to tell all the stories, X-rated or not. We wouldn't edit it down." British drummer Harry Judd reveals boy band McFly have snubbed offers to pen a raunchy biography of the group.

5th August 2011

Tweet: "Today is McFly's 8th Birthday! 8 years!…8 Years!!! Happy anniversary to those who have been with us since the beginning." Tom Fletcher thanks fans for their support as British pop band MCFly celebrates eight years since forming the group.

12th June 2011

Fact: McFly frontman Tom Fletcher raised $160,000 (£100,000) for charity by taking part in British TV challenge show The Cube on Saturday night (11Jun11). The singer is donating the cash to Comic Relief and the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust.

19th April 2011

Tweet: "Bloomin (sic) tired since I was woken up at 5am to look at wedding venues... but all good." McFly star Tom Fletcher is already hunting for a venue for his wedding after proposing to long term girlfriend Giovanna Falcone on Monday (18Apr11).

17th November 2010

Quote: "I think we deserve a bit more credit now. We should be recognised a bit more... For us to still be around and in the charts is an amazing achievement. We love making albums and going on tour. That's all we want to do, then take over the world." McFly star Danny Jones wants more respect from music fans.

21st February 2010

Tweet: "Love the fact that time doesn't exist inside studios. 7:41am and we're still up making some music." McFly star Tom Fletcher is hard at work on the band's new album.

3rd January 2007

Quote: "It would be amazing if PARIS (HILTON), BRITNEY (SPEARS) and LINDSAY (LOHAN) get it on - they are probably having a secret relationship. That's why they wear no knickers. Wonder if I could watch." McFly star HARRY JUDD lets his imagination run wild.

2nd May 2006

Fact: British rocker Ozzy Osbourne and boyband McFly are the latest stars to join the line-up for the Prince's Trust 30th Birthday concert on 20 May (06). The event will take place in London.

7th September 2005

Quote: <p>"Watch your money!" The Who frontman Roger Daltrey gives his best piece of showbiz advice to young pop upstarts McFly. </p>

5th September 2005

Quote: <p>"My granddaughter is six years old, and she's a huge fan (of McFly). How could I refuse? My life would have been made a misery!" The Who frontman Roger Daltrey admits the real reason why he agreed to re-record My Generation with boy band McFLY. </p>


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