McFly singer Tom Fletcher is ''really nervous'' about his wedding speech.

The guitarist is preparing to marry long-term girlfriend Giovanna Falcone in May, but admits he's not ready to stand up and speak in front of his bandmates and loved ones.

He said: ''The planning is going well but I have to write my speech on tour and I'm really nervous about it.''

Tom should possibly be more worried about what the rest of McFly - Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd - do for his bachelor party, as they are already planning some devious antics.

They told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''It might involve midgets and lamp posts.

''But we can confirm there will be a bathtub, a bowling ball and eight gallons of sour cream. We just want to have a good time.''

While Tom's pre wedding party will see some tricks played on him, he's sure that as the rest of his bandmates tie the knot, their treatment will only get worse.

He added: ''I quite like that I'm the first of us to get married as the last one is going to get the worst stag do.''

Tom, 26, announced he had proposed to Giovanna after seven years together in April last year, at the Sylvia Young Theatre School where they first met.

She tweeted her excitement soon after, writing: ''I have one question... Am I meant to take my Brand New sparkling engagement ring off before I wash the dishes?I'm gonna be Mrs Fletcher!Xxxx (sic)''