British rapper MC Harvey has blasted the organisers of London's upcoming Lovebox Festival after learning his act So Solid Crew had been dropped from the weekend event.

The U.K. hip-hop group was scheduled to perform at Lovebox on Saturday (20Jul13), but its set has been mysteriously axed, and Harvey insists it's because another artist didn't want to share the stage with him.

In an angry tweet, he writes, "LoveBox is canceled because another artist don't want us on the same stage as them (sic). Uk artists blocking SoSolid Wow."

He adds, "We gave artist (sic) careers and they still treat us like c**ts... So solid crew is a scapegoat for the industry.

Harvey and his bandmates staged a comeback earlier this year (13) and they'll perform a string of dates this autumn (13) on what is billed as So Solid Crew - For the Last Time Ever.