TV's Mayim Bialik is being forced to spend her time off completely mute, after doctors ordered her to stay silent for at least a month in order to give her sprained vocal chords the rest they need. It's safe to say she's feeling less than happy about her prescribed silence.

Mayim Bialik at the 2017 SAG AwardsMayim Bialik at the 2017 SAG Awards

At least the 'Big Bang Theory' star is taking the news rather light-heartedly. She explained the issue to her social media followers with a video explaining how she has managed to ruin her vocal chords over the years, via a woman relating the story in sign-language.

'I sprained my vocal cords, but that won't keep me from vlogging!' She explained in the video description. 'This week I bring in an ASL interpreter to help me "talk" about losing my voice, how it relates to my father's death and how it relates to building my life voiceless but not silent.' In the video she 'explained' how her father passed away from a degenerative illness that caused his vocal chords to become 'paralyzed', and she spoke about how 'finding [her] voice' has been such a journey in her life.

She also posted a picture of herself awaiting her appointment with an otolaryngologist. 'Here's a pic of me waiting for a check up from my ENT', she captioned the photo. 'I can't speak for a month.'

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Thankfully, the 41-year-old is not expected to begin shooting the eleventh season of 'The Big Bang Theory' until August, so she should feel right as rain by the time she has to return to work. On the other hand, she still has to be a mother to her 12-year-old son Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone and 9-year-old Frederick Heschel - which can't be easy when you can't verbally berate them. Let's hope for her sake they stay on their best behaviour.

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