Mayim Bialik still doesn't have parenting ''figured out''.

The 'Big Bang Theory' alum has two sons - Miles, 14, and Frederick, 11 - with her ex-husband Michael Stone, and has said she wishes someone would have told her that she'll ''never feel like [she's] figured it all out'' when it comes to raising her brood.

She said: ''I wish that I knew that you'll never feel like you've figured it out. When I was a kid, I was like, 'Oh, when I become a grown up, I'll have it all together.' But I raised my children knowing that every day, this is my first day parenting. So we're going to learn together and I'm going to do my best.''

And Mayim, 44, says her next task is telling her sons their mother is a celebrity, because they're not currently aware of her fame.

She added: ''They know about it in bits and pieces. My kids didn't watch television. They've never seen 'Big Bang Theory', only when they've visited me at work a couple of times, but they're not sitcom watchers.''

The actress makes a conscious effort not to let her celebrity status impact her sons' lives, but finds it hard when she gets recognised in public.

She explained: ''I still go to softball, when I could, I go to the supermarket. But then I get recognised and they remember that I'm not normal at all.''

And Mayim also said her sons used to think she was a ''clown'' when she put makeup on to head out to work, but now understand a little more about what she does for a living.

Speaking to Us Weekly's 'Moms Like Us' podcast, she said: ''My younger son did not like it, he would say, 'No clown.' But now they get it. They also really like that I'm a scientist and an advocate. They like that I'm starting a podcast on mental health because they see the ability that I have to make an impact in the science world and in the mental world, besides all the fun, famous stuff.''