Celebrated author Maya Angelou has settled her differences with rapper Common, just days after criticising him for featuring her work on a track filled with vulgarities.
Legendary poet Angelou offered up a piece for Common to use on his new song The Dreamer, but she was left "surprised and disappointed" after hearing the final product as it was littered with the derogatory term "n**ger".
However, the two friends decided to clear the air during an appearance on U.S. TV show 106 & Park on Monday (19Dec11), when Angelou clarified her comments.
She said, "I don't think the word disappointment quite makes it. I was surprised. I know Common is brilliant. He may in fact be close enough to be called a genius..."
Common has also brushed off the controversy, insisting he will always appreciate Angelou's opinions.
He tells the New York Daily News, "Of course we don't have to agree on everything in life. But we're in a good space."
And in a post on his Facebook.com page, Common adds, "I love you Dr. Angelou! You are truly living history! Thank you for everything!"