Shameless and Silk actor Maxine Peake combines with Blake Harrison, known for his goofy character Neil on The Inbetweeners, in ‘Keeping Rosy’ – a tense, low-fi British thriller centred on Charlotte, a career-obsessed workaholic whose work and personal life takes multiple turns for the worst in a matter of hours.

Keeping RosyMaxine Peake stars in 'Keeping Rosy'

Having chosen a career in advertising over any semblance of a meaningful personal life, Peake’s character’s life is constantly a fragile balance. ‘Keeping Rosy’ is a film about the tense balance between work and life, focussing on the intense pressure for people to succeed in an increasingly competitive, cut-throat marketplace.  

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“The film just keeps within reality. It’s very human. I found the script really gripping. My character is flawed, she’s quite a tough woman initially. But the fine line that it beautifully treads just ensures that even when extreme things happen, they’re believable. It’s something you can relate to, and I just thought, great, two guys have written a story about a woman in her 40s and put her in the lead,” explained Peake to HeyuGuys while filming ‘Keeping Rosy’. 

Her co-star, Harrison, is known for his work in comedy, especially on The Inbetweeners, which is set for a sequel following a hugely successful film adaption for the TV comedy. “I’ve not done anything like this on TV or film before, it’s a new challenge which is a lot of fun to do," he claimed. 

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"They took a punt on me. When reading the script, the initial people that pop in your head are the likes of Neil Maskell. So to pick someone like myself, they’ve chosen a very specific way to go with the character, which catches the audience off guard a bit more. You don’t know where this character is going to go, or how far this character will go."