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Maximo Park
Books From Boxes
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Maximo Park Books From Boxes Single

Two years on from their 'A Certain Trigger' opus and Maximo Park just get bigger and better.

Not content with just ploughing the same furrow as so many of their contemporaries from the class of 2005 seem to be doing, they've simply gone about their business in an almost mature and professional way, consequently releasing one of this year's most inspired albums.

Of course some people will see that last description as a put-off, some kind of calculated career progression that should be treated with contempt. But those same people would ultimately be wrong, as songs like 'Books From Boxes' are as far away from some post-punk/angular formula as it's possible to get, and instead ends up sounding like a 21st century Smiths with added melancholia and spurts of ruefulness.

Amidst all the ne'er-do-wells and shouldn't have got a deal in the first place contenders, Maximo Park really do stand out like a beacon, a rare commodity at present, so treasure them with all your heart.


Dom Gourlay

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