It's a big week for Star Wars. The first trailer for The Force Awakens drops on Friday (November 28, 2014), though a juicy rumor about Gareth Edwards and Gary Whitta's spin-off movie is also doing the rounds.

Star Wars The Force AwakensStar Wars: The Force Awakens cast during the first script read-through

The information arrived at Slash Film from who they describe as a "single good source" and when put to LucasFilm, they declined to comment. It's likely that the speculation may be confirmed as accurate once the trailer drops at the end of the week.

The rumor suggests that the spin-off movie will focus on a group of bounty hunters, set in the A New Hope era. It's the event that sets in motion the path of Luke Skywalker and is considered one of the most important in the history of the Star Wars universe.

So far, the rumors have suggested that a Boba Fett spin-off is the most likely and although Fett has not been mentioned directly in the most recent speculation, it is possible that, given the movie is about bounty hunters, it would include him. 

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Slash Film are also hearing that the Millenium Falcon is somehow involved the movie. Given the damn thing probably cost a fortune to build for The Force Awakens, it would make sense for Disney to make use of it. In the time-period being mentioned, Han Solo would own the Falcon although it is being suggested that Solo will not appear in the movie, making it likely that the bounty hunters have stolen the ship. 

Another aspect to the rumor is that the main character would be introduced in The Force Awakens, with Max Von Sydow probably the most likely candidate. 

Anyway, to sum up: Gareth Edwards and Gary Whitta are probably working on a Star Wars spin-off movie about a group of bounty hunters stealing the Millennium Falcon. The main character will probably be introduced in The Force Awakens, but Han Solo will not appear.

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