When 28.03.2013

Max Irons and Jake Abel discuss pranks, crazy fans and deep messages at a press junkett promoting their new movie 'The Host' in New York City. The movie is based on the book series by 'Twilight' author Stephanie Meyer.

Max tells of Jake's penchant for playing pranks on his co-stars, including him. 'Jake utilises his Twitter to quite an extent', he says. 'He told all of his [followers]. that I was terrified of insects which prompted them to come to the book signing and throw insects at me.' He also mentions that they once had a female fan (who was more of a fan of 'Twilight') who filed down her teeth to look like fangs. 'If I was a torture victim and someone said, 'Right, we're about to file down your teeth, give us the nuclear codes', I would give them up in a heartbeat. She did it voluntarily', he admits. Jake discusses the messages that the film puts across, saying that it has elements of 'escapism' and 'sci-fi' and that, 'There's plenty of questions to be asked about us as a human race and individuality.'


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