Max Ehrich's debut single 'Afraid' details the emotions he felt while "falling in love" with Demi Lovato.

Although Demi recently ended her engagement to the 'Young and the Restless' actor, Max, 29, says he hopes the song will encourage others to be "vulnerable" when it comes to love.

He told Billboard: "I hope 'Afraid' will help people allow themselves to be vulnerable. I recorded this song as I was falling in love. It speaks of all the emotions that I was going through at that time. The simplicity of the piano totally brings it home for me. It’s beyond fulfilling to be able to release these feelings in a song."

The song, which details his fears about falling in love, includes the lyrics: "I'm afraid to love you, love you/ Afraid to give in my all/ I'm afraid to love you, love you/ And love you with my whole heart."

Max is also planning to release a six-song EP in early 2021.

Meanwhile, Max recently confessed he feels he's been part of a big "calculated PR stunt" following his split from Demi, 28, after she released her own song about their break up.

Slamming his former fiancé, he said: "It's just the craziest thing. This is the most bizarre experience that I hope no one ever has to experience, ever. Because no person deserves to feel this way. Pete Davidson didn’t deserve to feel this way. Do you think he wrote that text to Mac Miller? Ha. Open your eyes. Calculated PR stunt, but my team is going to hate me for saying any of this."

Max insisted he was "in love" with Demi, and now feels like he was "used" by her.

He added: "I was in love. The whole world should f****** know it. I thought I found the real deal, now I found out that I was used. But I hope the song is number one, because you know what, if that's what someone wants in the material world, here you go, you have it. I hope this makes you happy. Enjoy. You just lost someone who loved you fully, completely, infinitely, for everything."