Review of The Awkward Recruit Album by Mawkin Causley

Review of Mawkin Causley's album The Awkward Recruit

Mawkin Causley The Awkward Recruit Album

What a cool name, Mawkin. You have to admit that's a pretty cool name, although I cant really picture my Mother shouting that from the back gate. . . "Mawkin! Mawkin your tea's ready Mawkin!". She doesn't do that now you understand, I meant when I was younger. She rings me on my mobile these days.

'The Awkward Recruit' is a folk album by Mr Causley, and I suspect the name comes not only from one of the tracks but also from just cause. He is probably a thoroughly nice chap being a folky, and when he whips out his album to play you it then says "Do you like it?" he is so nice it makes it awkward to say 'No. I'm afraid I don't Mawkin, but cool name by the way!'.

The problem with the album is that it seems to lack the real essence of folk music, it feels like someone doing folk music as oppose to someone being a folk musician. It does have some merits however such as the opener 'Jolly Broom Man'.

Causley has created songs that seem to be based on true folk tales of the sea etc, the same method as the extremely talented Seth Lakeman. However, Lakeman pulls this off with more style and conviction than Causley.

Causley would be a welcome treat playing in the corner of a small harbour side pub with lashings and lashings of real ale, and there are is nice acoustic guitar playing. Nothing however really makes this album stand out as contagious or different (maybe his use of the Spanish language in folk songs could earn him a few points).


Pablo 'Sea Dog' Roffey

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