If you haven't heard about Disney buying Lucasfilm for $4.05b, announcing Episode 7 and confirming plans to make another three Star Wars Films, go away; you have a lot of reading to do. 

Done? Well the first rumour of many surrounding the re-vamped sci-fi franchise is that Matthew Vaughn, the director of Kick-Ass, Stardust, Layer Cake, and X-Men: First Class, is in talks to direct the much talked about Episode 7. Sources close to Collider.com, who make a large fuss about the fact that this is just a rumour out of respect for the franchise (and good on them), have explained that Vaughn leaving his X-Men duties behind just five days before Disney announced the acquisition of Lucasfilm, is because he will be directing the next film. Now, again, here at Contact Music, we know this is just a rumour, but we can't help but being a little bit excited. X-Men: First Class was a solid superhero flick, and Kick Ass was a delightful mix of adult humour and juvenile pranks, expertly alchemised. 

As the Episode 7 rumours roll on, we'll be right with you either wishing they were true or praying for the invalidity, although we expect it'll be a long while before anything is confirmed from either Disney, Lucasfilms or George Lucas, who has been kept on as creative consultant for the upcoming projects.