Fans of HBO’s True Detective will want to pay attention, as the show’s director, Cary Fukunaga – who was in charge for all eight episodes of the Louisiana drama – is at the centre of a pitch for a feature that Fox has bought pre-emptively for “mid-six figures,” Deadline report.

True DetectiveWoody Harrelson [L] and Matthew McConuaghey [R] as Hart and Cohle in 'True Detective'

Fukunaga will direct the project as well as produce alongside Anonymous Content’s Michael Sugar - Fox’s Kira Goldberg and Emma Watts are point on the project, too. Here’s what we know: it’s untitled, set in a contemporary wartime context and is written by Nicole Riegel, who, like Fukunaga, emerged from the Sundance Labs program. That, alongside the fact that Fox went ahead and bought it quicksmart, is all we know.

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Despite information being scant, though, anticipation for this project will be high. Fukunaga is in high demand following his work on True Detective, which stars Matthew Mcconaughey and Woody Harrelson as the troubled cop partnership: Rustin Cohle and Martin Hart. Minor spoilers… 6 episodes into its finite, 8-episode run, TD has wowed critics and fans alike, with Fukunaga being praised for that 6-minute tracking shot in particular. Cohle goes deep undercover to extract a key informant, and whilst in the middle of a raid he must transport the target amidst an all-out battle.

Warner Bros has also chosen Fukunaga to develop - as well as to direct and write - a new adaptation of Stephen King's It which will be split up into two films. He’s also been confirmed to direct a sci-fi feature called Spaceless, which, according to The Hollywood Reporter, tells the story of “an assassin who wakes up inside a spacesuit tumbling helplessly through space, with a computer designed to keep him company until his air runs out. He must try to solve the mystery of his death, which began when he broke into an orbiting space station to carry out a hit.”

Watch that ridiculously good tracking shot below