Matthew Mcconaughey has stunned Hollywood by beating Paris Hilton to the top of a new party animals poll. MCConaughey, dubbed The Life Of The Party, is the unlikely choice to lead In Touch magazine's new Hollywood's Biggest Party Animals list. Editors insist the SAHARA star has "perfected sexy socialising". Party girl Hilton, nicknamed The Social Secretary by the US magazine, comes in second, while Irish wildman Colin Farrell's rehab stint last Christmas (05) hasn't kept him from enjoying life in 2006 - he makes the list at number three. Noticeable absences are the other members of Hilton's new party trio, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, although Spears' estranged husband Kevin Federline does make the grade at number nine. The top 10 party animals are: 1. MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY 2. PARIS HILTON 3. COLIN FARRELL 4. Wilmer Valderrama 5. Michelle Rodriguez 6. STEVE-O 7. Carmen Electra 8. KEVIN FEDERLINE 9. Sienna Miller 10. Sean Combs.