Handsome Hollywood hero Matthew Mcconaughey has spilled the beans on why celebrities prefer to date other famous people - even though he is rumoured to be dating a civilian.

The HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS star took unknown waitress MICHELLE SMITH to this year's (03) Oscars ceremony, but says he thinks it is easier to date someone famous because you already feel like you know them.

He says, "Most of the women I meet are actresses. When I date someone who's equally famous, I already know something about them and have a sense of who they are because I've read about them in newspapers and magazines.

"It can be odd when I date a woman who isn't famous because I don't know anything about them upfront but they know stuff about me. It means we start off on unequal footing. When you meet a stranger, conversation usually starts with something like, 'So, what do you do?' With me, everyone already knows what I do and how old I am. They know my likes and dislikes. That's why I've found it easier to date famous women."

And though he refuses to discuss his relationship with Michelle, the Wedding Planner hunk is very clear on what he wants from a woman.

He adds, "I do meet a lot of beautiful women but that's not all it's about. My ideal woman is beautiful and confident and comfortable with herself.

"Some women focus too much on the physical. In LA a lot of women have perfect breasts or bottoms or faces but they're not necessarily comfortable in themselves. But being beautiful and having nothing going on inside won't do at all. My interest in airheads would wane after about an hour."

18/06/2003 17:23