Matthew Mcconaughey joked that he's not sure what happens in the concluding episodes of HBO's acclaimed drama True Detective, in which he stars alongside Woody Harrelson as two detectives hunting a serial killer.

Matthew McConaughey Woody HarrelsonMatthew McConaughey [R] in 'True Detective'

After winning the Oscar for Best Actor for his turn in Dallas Buyers Club, McConaughey was asked about Nic Pizzolato's drama in the Academy Awards press room. 

"No, I won't be back for season two. Season one was finite," said the actor, after being asked if he would return for a season stint as Rust Cohle.

McConaughey joked that Sunday night's episode had already begun, though avoided dishing out any spoilers.

"It's probably airing right now. Has anyone seen it? I made the thing . and I'm not sure what happens."

Pizzolato is currently writing the second season the show, though the identity of the new detectives remain unknown. We recently analysed the potential contenders, including Jon Hamm and Bryan Cranston?

For months, McConaughey was tipped to win best actor for his turn as HIV patient Ron Woodruff in Dallas Buyers Club. His co-star Jared Leto also took home the Oscar for best supporting actor.

When asked for his thoughts on his career turnaround - dubbed the "McConassaince" by the press - the actor said: "Somebody said it [McConassaince] at Sundance. I was like, 'I don't know what was but it sounds good,'" he said. 

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