Matthew Mcconaughey doesn't like leaving the set when filming.

The Oscar-winning actor revealed that he arrives on set early, often when the crew are setting up lighting and cameras, and he remains there for the duration of filming.

Matthew told Total Film magazine: ''I like to get on set early. I actually don't like to leave the set.

''When they're setting up lighting and stuff, and the cameraman ... I'm actually doing stuff. I'm working my way around, and I have to check with them. I'm going, 'Let me know if I'm in your way'.

''I start doing what my character would do. I'm going to go where my character would go, when I get on set.''

The 'Gentlemen' star also looks for props on set to reflect traits in the characters he's playing.

He explained: ''I start looking, 'What else is around here? Oh, you know what would be interesting? Yeah, yeah, yeah. He's got the candies, but he's actually a smoker. He's trying to quit smoking, so he put candies in the ashtray. Maybe he's going to have a smoke here now'.

''I'll use the ashtray, or I'll put the candies in it. And then in the scene, I'll take the candies out, and you'll see ashes at the bottom.

''You know, something. You look around, and you go, 'What can I use?'''

The 50-year-old star feels his worst days on set have been when he's injured himself whilst filming, as he did on 'Reign of Fire' and 'White Boy Rick'.

Matthew said: ''I mean, the days that are the worst are when I've injured myself. You know?

''I blew out my knee in 'Reign of Fire'. I tweaked my back, actually, in 'White Boy Rick', in the scene where I'm taking Bel (Powley) out. I pulled something in my back. It was getting me up for eight months after that.''