If you haven’t seen all of this year’s Oscar nominated films, don’t fear! Cinefex have gathered some very cute kid to act out scenes from (most of) the nominated films.

Tom Hanks in Captain PhillipsTom Hanks in Captain Phillips

Tom Hank’s ‘Captain Phillips’ if the first to get the treatment. A child with a huge gun runs aboard a ship saying, “I’m a pirate.” The mini Tom Hanks, complete with fake beard, tells him “this is my boat, forever!” We also see a scene from Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’ where a very young Joaquin Phoenix doppelgänger is confused as to why his A.I. Samantha is leaving.

You might have thought ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ would be an unsuitable choice to have children reenact, but two very cute youngsters do a perfect job of imitating Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew Mcconaughey, complete with chest pounding. While another of Matthew’s star roles is given a mini makeover as we see the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ scene where Woodroof is posing as a priest made even funnier by the child actor struggling with his oversized glasses and giving a knowing wink to the camera at the end.

Matthew McConaughey and Leonardo DiCaprio The real stars of 'The Wolf of Wall Street', Matthew McConaughey and Leonardo DiCaprio

From ‘American Hustle’ a fantastically wigged child is seen imitating Christian Bale as he sprays his hair and puts on his shades. ‘Gravity’ is played for laughs as two mini astronauts are holding hands with one telling the other he has to let go because ‘it’s the theme of the movie”. Surprisingly the cutest one might be ’12 Years A Slave, where we’re shown ‘the only scene producers were comfortable shooting with kids’. It features two incredible sweet young actors that thankfully the film’s harsh subject matter was lost on.

Also recreated is 'Nebraska', using two wonderfully over the top blonde wigs and a car that the little actor is barely visible in once he climbs to the driver’s seat. However fan’s of Steve Coogan and Judi Dench will be unhappy to know that ‘Philomena’ is the only film not featured because, apparently, no one’s seen it.

The real Oscars take place on March 2nd and will be hosted once again by Ellen DeGeneres. 'American Hustle', 'Gravity', '12 Years A Slave', 'Wolf of Wall Street', 'Her', 'Captain Phillips', 'Dallas Buyers Club' and even 'Philomena' (which we have seen) are all up for Best Picture.