For a man who once created a musical project with a narrative that told the life cycle of a pig from birth to date, the video for 'Foreign Bodies' by Matthew Herbert is comparatively pared down - not that it isn't without its eccentricities. 

'Foreign Bodies' comes from the 40 year-old's house-influenced LP Bodily Functions. Originally out in 2001, it's being re-released as part of a 'complete' box set that charts the producer and musician's work under his Herbert alias between 1996 and 2006. As well as the four studio albums he recorded - 100 lbs, Around The House, Bodily Functions and Scale - there are a host of of rarities and remixes included within this pretty tasty looking release. 

Watch Matthew Herbert's Foreign Bodies video

The video itself meanwhile looks pretty sumptuous itself, taking on a sort of retro late 70's early 80's vibe with 'cut-out' skeletons and frameworks gliding past each other in technicolor. The drifting ambience of the vido suits the wooziness of the track, which can class itself as being on what was probably Herbert's commercial breakthrough in the sublime 'Bodily Functions'. If you missed it the first time round, we can't recommend getting hold of the new box set highly enough; it paints the artist as one of the true innovators of the last two decades.