Review of There's Me And Then There's You Album by Matthew Herbert

Album review of There's Me And Then There's You by Matthew Herbert Big Band

Matthew Herbert There's Me And Then There's You Album

Matthew Herbert is certainly well known in the world of dance music. An electronic music pioneer who's used sampling to maximum effect. 'There's Me And Then There's You' is the second album from Matthew Herbert Big Band and those that liked the first should like this. It's certainly a bold endeavour. Using an 18 piece band with very original and creative compositions you sometimes you feel you're wandering into a musical or jazz fairytale. Is it cabaret even?

You can't help feel this is something totally unique. The originality of it can deter you sometimes but the more times you listen to it the more depth you see there is. It's truly daring and completely musically cool. However all art and no pop can seem a bit draining sometimes and on 'Breathe' the vocals were starting to do my head in yet were talking jazz here, we're talking mood and emotion and it has plenty of that. Not forgetting interesting use of production and sounds. A unique journey into the Big Band sound. Compelling.

Tareck Ghoneim

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