Matthew Fox is a spiritual person.

The 49-year-old actor - who rose to fame in the TV series 'Lost' about a group of plane-crash survivors who live on a deserted island - admitted that even though he doesn't believe in God, he regards himself as a spiritual individual and doesn't think anything in life is certain.

He told Spanish newspaper EL MUNDO: ''The world isn't white or black but grey''.

Matthew - who added that he doesn't consider himself as a ''Hollywood star'' - revealed that his life took a different direction in the last year of college because he had a sudden revelation that a career in banking wasn't for him.

He said: ''I didn't decide to be an actor until last year of college. I graduated from Business School but I didn't see myself in Wall Street, so I started to explore acting. I don't feel like a Hollywood star, but I do think this job has worked out in my favour''.

Meanwhile, the actor loves animated films and while admitting his favourite one is 'The Incredibles' he is looking forward to watching 'Inside Out' with his children - Byron and Kyle - who he has with wife of 23 years Margherita Ronchiand.

He said: ''These movies are so successful because they are family friendly. They are smart and are designed for parents to be able to enjoy good humour.''

And Matthew loves spending time with his family away from Hollywood.

He explained: ''I want to spend my old age where I live. Margherita and I built this home. It is in Oregon. The sea, mountains and snow make it my dream place.''