There are currently no plans to bring 'Lost' back to ABC, despite a very vocal call from former fans of the series to drag the show up from its ashes. Originally running for six seasons between 2004-2010, the show introduced viewers to a mysterious island where a plane had crash landed, and quickly delved into chaotic and compelling waters.

'Lost' became a huge hit following its debut on ABC back in 2004'Lost' became a huge hit following its debut on ABC back in 2004

Each of the survivors from the plane had murky histories and backgrounds which were told through a series of flashbacks, and they quickly came to realise that the island they were forced to make their home wasn't quite as deserted as they had first thought.

Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Josh Holloway and Terry O'Quinn were amongst the cast leading the series, alongside the likes of Jorge Garcia, Yunjin Kim, Naveen Andrews and Daniel Dae Kim. Though they didn't always get along, and there were some huge rivalries built throughout the series, they formed a family unit on the island that were all desperately searching for answers. The mystery of the island was such a huge unknown however, that sometimes its new residents didn't even know exactly what they were searching for.

Matthew Fox led the series as JackMatthew Fox led the series as Jack

When 'Lost' came to its conclusion, there were a very vocal portion of the fan base who were left disappointing by the series' wrapping up. Questions were left unanswered, and the ending seemed to go in a direction that writers had promised it wouldn't end in. Because of that, there's always been talk amongst former viewers who have had a hard time of letting go of a series revival. With the recent return of shows such as 'Prison Break' and 'Dynasty', that chatter has only gotten louder.

Setting the record straight, ABC president Channing Dungey spoke about the prospect at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour, revealing that there are currently no official plans to go back to the island.

Channing Dungey (right) will always leave the door open for discussionsChanning Dungey (right) will always leave the door open for discussions

According to TVLine, she explained: "We have not had any official discussions about that. It's something that's on a list of, 'Wouldn't that be great if...', but at this point it's only at that place."

Though there's nothing in the works as of yet, it's good to know that the big names at ABC Studios are still extremely open to any ideas that may come their way. 'Lost' has been such a huge success for them in the past, that they'd be stupid not to allow it to shine all over again in the future. On the flip side of that, they need to ensure that if 'Lost' ever does come back, it adds to the franchise rather than leaving a stain on it. It's a tricky road to travel, but one we hope somebody traverses in the near future!

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We'll bring you any news regarding a 'Lost' revival as and when we get it. Let's hope that one day we get to go back to the island!