Matthew Fox - most famous for his excellent role as Jack Shepherd in sci-fi drama Lost - is relishing the prospect of a more sinister role in Alex Cross, reports The Toronto Sun.

Fox plays a crazed serial killer named Picasso in Alex Cross, which is a far cry from the life-saving, father issue-ridden natural leader of a surgeon he played in Lost. But he's looking forward to the challenge. "The first time Rob and I talked, he kind of described the guy to me, and the first guy that popped into my head was Ted Bundy - because Ted just looked like the last person on Earth that would be a serial killer. He just looked sort of dashing and prototypically handsome and charming," he said, according to the Toronto Sun. Fox has a shaved head in the series, as he does in the upcoming zombie flick, World War Z, alongside Brad Pitt. In this film, he plays a haunted Navy SEAL veteran trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Lost is thought by many to be the best show on television, and was actually voted by IGN to be #1, but with so many people disappointed with the confusing ending, Fox might well be looking for the role that might yet define his career.